The Process Of Electronic Engraving Concave Plates


The Process Of Electronic Engraving Concave Plates

The making of the printing plate is a very crucial step of gravure printing. Some years backs, the printing plates were made manually. The images or the letters would be cut manually and then placed on the gravure cylinder for printing. But electronic engraving technology has made the making of printing plates pretty simple.

The process of making electronic engraving concave plates uses an electronic engraving machine. The machine uses a diamond knife to etches the required image on the concave plates. The modern electronic engraving machines are simple to use. You can also control the quality of the engraving, which impacts print quality.

To explain the process of electronic engraving concave plates, we will look at how these machines work. Check out the following:

Principle Of Electronic Engraving Machine

The principle of electronic engraving machines is best understood by first learning what makes these machines. The machine consists of a scanning roller or scanning roller. It also consists of the plate roller, transmission system, scanning head, engraving head and electronic control system. That’s what makes these machines, and every part is crucial.

The electronic engraving machine simply works by scanning the original image. This means you don’t need to do any drawing. As long as you have the original image, the machine will take it up and start engraving it on the concave plates. By scanning the original graphic, the reflecting light the converts into an optical signal and then into an electrical signal. This happens through the photoelectric converter.

The scanned and amplified data transmits to the controlling engraving head at the curve of the copper drum. With everything and the right amplification done to meet the desired concave plate engraving, the process can start. That’s simply how the original image turns into a digital signal ready for engraving.

The Electronic Engraving Process

The whole engraving system works almost simultaneously, and this is what makes these machines super-efficient. When the electronic engraving machine starts running, things start to follow each other in a set sequence. The original cylinder and the engraving rollers run almost simultaneously. The engraving system, on the other hand, is moving along the drum shaft.

The diamond stylus or knife carves out the mesh hole on the engraving roller using a digital signal from the computer. The size of the holes etched depends upon several factors, including the density of the original and the manuscript’s density. The depth of cells may also depend on the desired results. Therefore, you can manipulate the cells’ depth using a computer.

Electronic engraving technology is advancing really quickly. More and more machines with exciting technology continue to rock the market. These devices are more functional and offer more advanced functions. There are electronic engraving machines that can make an automatic selection of levels and adjustment of net hole angles. That’s how technology in electronic engraving is advancing very quickly.

Industry Standards

For the sustainable quality of electronic engraving of the concave plates, there are standards. These are standards used in the industry to ensure quality engraving and gravure printing. Even with the increasing range of mesh size, engraving depth, and variables such as carving knife degree, a number of wire lines, the thickness of copper, and some variables, the industry standards remain 70 lines /cm and 120 carving angles. Therefore, these two remain constant.

Process Of Electronic Engraving Concave Plate

With all this information about the electronic engraving machine, we can now engrave the plates. If you want to engrave concave plates, here are the steps you need to follow:

Scan Negatives

The making of the negative plates uses color-splitting meshing. Modern machines have made the scanning of negatives easy and fast.

Install Plate Rollers

These are the cylinders where the plates will be placed. Make sure you dusted off to remove dust. You should also clean then thoroughly to remove plate oil from the previous task and oxides. These elements are likely to lower the quality of engraved concave plates.

Test Run

Make sure that you have trials for the setup before doing the actual engraving. This is a very crucial part of the process of electronic engraving concave plates. Put everything needed, including the colours. If everything is fine, we go to the last step.


With everything set, you can now engrave the concave plates. Observe all the parameters to ensure quality plates and to minimize waste.

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