VENUS Anilox Engraving Syste

VENUS Anilox Engraving Syste

VENUS Anilox Laser Engraving System uses the most advanced large power laser, optical modulator and technologies of multiple hits, Deflection trimming with multiple beams. It is widely applied in manufacture of anilox rollers in the field of corrugated paper, flexographic printing, leather, solar battery and etc.


When engraving anilox Cylinder, ensure that you are getting quality anilox cells for optimal printing results. The choice of the engraving machine is essential as it determines the size and depth of anilox cells. VENUS Anilox Laser Engraving System is one of the best machines for these cylinders.

Designed with a large, powerful laser, VENUS Anilox produces one of the best anilox Cylinder engravings in the industry. The machine produces one of the most powerful laser beams to handle all kinds of anilox Cylinders. With VENUS Anilox Laser Engraving System, you have a vast range of scanning beams to select from.

Functions and Features of VENUS Anilox Engraving System
• Multiple Hits
• Deflection Trimming with Multiple Beams
• Multiple Cell Shapes
• Engraving of Image
• Engraving of Image after Screening with standard pattern

ModelVenus 30Venus 40Venus 50Other models
Max.Length(mm)with shaft200030005000customizable
Cylinder height(mm) Min.160160160
Repeat Accuracy(mm)≤0.01mm
Laser SpecificationScanning beams1/2/3/4  1/2/3/4 beams optional
Automatic FocusAvailable
 Laser power1%-100% 1%-100% adjustable
Software(LPI)Engraving Lines80~1200,Optional
 Cell shapeHoneycomb / Quadrangular
/Tri-Helical Line / Gulf-Stream and etc.
multiple hitsAvailable
Other functionsSkip blank, Seamless,Auto Screening

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