SOFINE Laser Engraving

SOFINE Laser Engraving

SOFINE Laser Engraving (Flexo direct engraving) machine

In recent years, Flexo printing has developed into an elaborate and top-grade printing option. It is now widely used for label printing, food package printing, drug package printing, cosmetics printing, and so on.



One of the determinants to getting more elaborate flexo printing and more exquisite image, to rival gravure printing, is whether we can manufacture high precision flexo or not. There are kinds of Flexo plate materials in the market. Since the imported machines can only process one of them, the cost gets higher than the clients can afford. Can we find a multi-function laser engraving machine that can process kinds of flexo materials? A machine that can help us get maximum earnings with minimum investment? That is what SOFINE Laser Engraving (Flexo direct engraving) machine is offering? It can be used to engrave the rubber plate (including seamless sleeve) and digital resin plate (including seamless sleeve) from all the plate material suppliers such as Flint and DuPont.

SOFINE Laser Engraving (Flexo direct engraving) machine adopts the most advanced powerful laser module around the world. It also uses multi-beam laser control technology, to burn and engrave the black adhesive coating on the rubber plate (including sleeve) and resin plate (including sleeve). It works with Cosun’s exclusive technology as seamless engraving to arbitrary cylinder width and 3D laser engraving, to realize manufacture of the high-grade flexo plate.


Application field: the rubber plate, the rubber seamless plate, the digital resin plate, the resin seamless sleeve plate

High resolution: adopts powerful laser module and multi-beam laser control technology, with high speed, high precision, and great image reappearance.

3D embossment: supported by the embossment, the independent cell becomes stronger. This not only increases the pressrun but also strengthens the expressive force of highlight parts.

Speedy and accurate: adopt full servo motor and grating ruler, with high mechanical movement accuracy.

Aptitude fast forward controls: automatically move fast forward and locate by identifying the image.

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