SATURN Laser Engraving

SATURN Laser Engraving

SATURN Laser Engraving (Adhesive Burnt)

Used in the industrial as decorate material (e.g., Wallpaper, Non-woven fabrics), paper for daily use (Napkin tissue, sanitary tower), leather, plastic, and so on. The machine works by transfer the image to paper, leather, etc. using embossing.



SATURN Laser Engraving is used for the decoration of material, paper for daily use, leather, motor decorate and so on. Want a machine that can make 3D template (special gravure) to realize accurate transfer and reappearance of complex images with high precision to material such as paper, leather, PP, PE, PVC, etc.? SATURN Laser Engraving (Adhesive Burnt) is the best choice as it makes special gravure besides printing gravure with high precision.

SATURN Laser Engraving (Adhesive Burnt) adopts the most advanced superpower laser module and multi-beam laser control technology to burn the black adhesive coating on the cylinder. The machine works with the technology as high precision repeatable engraving function and spraying etching, to realize stereo engraving effect, to show complicate patterns, veins, and image layers on the printing or embossing materials. It can be used in the manufacture of special gravures, including complicate embossing cylinders and metal anilox cylinders. It can also work for wood grain leather grain wallpaper, napkin tissue, and so on. Lastly, SATURN Laser Engraving also works great for the high precision printing gravure and laser anti-fake gravure, etc.

Wide range of applications. It can use it for the manufacture of decorating gravure (special gravure) and high precision printing package gravure.

High resolution: adopts superpower laser module and multi-beam laser control technology, with high speed, high precision, and great image reappearance.

Repeatable engraving: high precision repeatable engraving function, realize 3D embossment effect.

Speedy and accurate: adopt full servo motor and grating ruler, with high accuracy of mechanical movement.

Aptitude fast forward control: automatically move fast forward and locate by identifying the image
Standard data input. With the international unify software interface standard, the machine can accept all data from the normal pre-printing system

Accept both shafted and hollow cylinders with different sizes.

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