JUPITER Laser engraving Exposure machine

JUPITER Laser engraving Exposure machine

JUPITER Laser engraving Exposure machine

Facing the up-going plate-making requirement, you may be greatly troubled by the requests for both perfect reappearance of colorful image and the engraving of extremely small characters and extremely fine lines.



For the printing of cigarette packages, drug packages, corns, stamps, anti-fake labels, etc., you need high precision gravure plates. These plates ask for high reappearance of exquisite images and the engraving of characters smaller than 3 or 4 pounds as well as fine lines with width as a single pixel. In a situation where the electronic engraving machine can do nothing, you need JUPITER Laser engraving (Exposure) machine.

JUPITER Laser engraving (Exposure) machine adopts a powerful laser with 405nm wavelength and multi-beam laser control technology. The plate-making precision is 10160 dpi, and the engraving speed as 8 minutes/m2, which is much higher than the traditional gravure plate-making technology. The machine also makes up the shortcomings of the traditional gravure plate-making technology, such as match error and the engraving depth. It is a great choice process for the packaging gravure with high precision and the anti-fake gravure.


Wide range of application: widely used in the manufacture of package gravure with high precision and the anti-fake gravure

High resolution> adopt multi-beam 405nm laser, with high speed, high precision, as well as great image reappearance

Speedy and accurate: adopt full servo motor and grating ruler, with high mechanical movement accuracy.

Aptitude fast forward controls: automatically move fast forward and locate by identifying the image.

Standard data input. With the international unify software interface standard, the machine can accept all data from a typical pre-printing system.

Accept both shafted cylinders and hollow cylinders with different sizes.

Good man-machine interface: good looking, comfortable as well as easy control

Great economic benefits. It is a stable system with high speed and high precision to help the client get great economic benefits.

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