APOLLO series Gravure System

APOLLO series Gravure System

APOLLO series Gravure System is one of the necessary equipment in the manufacture of gravure cylinder in package printing.



APOLLO serial electronic engraving machine is the only one in China that possesses the intellectual property right. The 15 years’ client experiences have proved that APOLLO Electronic engraving is a reliable machine that can manufacture different grade gravure cylinders in both printing packages and gravure printing. Meanwhile, we also keep trying to provide the best service to our clients and help them make the best use of the machine for great economic benefit.

Nowadays, we have reached a new upgrade to put the eighth-generation system to the market. It is great progress in the engraving of fine patterns and small characters, layout editor, engraving efficient, and so on.


High image precision: adopt the advanced high-frequency electromagnetism engraving head, with high speed, high precision, and great image reappearance

Mechanical accuracy: adopt full servo motor with high walking accuracy

Aptitude fast forward controls: automatically move fast forward and locate by identifying the image.

Free choice of engraving modes: two engraving modes as layout editor and direct engraving help the user to make a free choice between high precision and high speed.

Professional process of image and character: character highlight enhance the reappearance of an image as well as character

Standard data input: with the international unify software interface standard, the machine can accept all data from normal pre-printing systems.

Accept both shafted cylinders and hollow cylinders with different sizes.

User-friendly interface: good looking, comfortable as well as easy control

Great economic benefits: It is a stable system with high speed and high precision help the client to get great economic benefits.