Indented Printed Corrugated Carton Pre-print Features

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Indented Printed Corrugated Carton Pre-print Features

Indented printing is one of the engraving techniques of printing. The printing method works by using a mechanically made mold pressed on the substrate’s surface. This leaves a permanent indent just like engraving printing.

One of the areas you will find a lot of indenting printing is printing corrugated cartons. But why is the technique applied for this kind of printing? Well, there are many features this technique offers that make it the best option. In this guide, we look at some of these features. Here are some of the features you need to know:

1. High Productivity

One of the biggest indented printed corrugated carton pre-print features is the high productivity it offers. The printing technique is good for mass production. According to various studies on this technique, indent printing is one of the fastest printing technologies when done right. That’s why it is common in the industrial printing of corrugated cartons because of mass production.

With various forms of indented printing, such as concave printing, you can hit more than 200 meters per minute. That’s a huge number of cartons that will be printed in just an hour. So high productivity or mass production is one of the key features that make indented printing stand out. There are many benefits that come with high productivity.

2. Super-efficient Printing

Another feature that makes the indented printing of the corrugated carton stand out is efficiency. The printing style produces one of the most super-efficient printing methods because of the setting, design, and many other features. The design of the indented printing is pretty simple and does not have a lot of components.

With printing moldings made and set, then the whole process becomes pretty easy to work with. There are very few, or any changes in the middle of the printing. If you are using the same ink color, you can keep going for hours, if not days. That’s how the efficiency of this system comes about.

3. Lower Cost

The lower cost of printing is another feature that is making indented printing popular. One of the things you find about this printing is the high productivity that is enhanced by the high efficiency. With these two, you will find that the cost of printing corrugated cartons reduce in many ways.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of labor. If the cost of labor charges are on a per-hour basis, you will pay less with this printer. The cost of other elements such as energy and so on is also reduced with high productivity and high efficiency. These are some of the best ways that the cost of printing corrugated cartons is reduced.

4. High-Quality Printing

The quality of printing is one of the best when it comes to indented printing. One of the things that you will like about printing corrugate cartons with this technique is the high precision. With these cartons being for commercial use, you need to attract the eyes and last longer.

The quality of the ink used for the indented grave printing of corrugated cartons is one of the best. With an indent of about 0.2mm, the ink can last for a very long time and withstand rough warehouse and other places conditions.

5. Multi-Colour Printing

The other feature that makes indented printing popular with corrugated cartons is multi-color printing. With printing being one of the major marketing strategies, the use of multi-colors is increasingly becoming popular. With modern indented printing, it has become pretty easy to do multi-color printing. You just need to set the cylinders the colors to produce the required multi-colored image.

6. Stronger Corrugated Cartons

The pre-printing production of the corrugated cartons makes them stronger. The process includes the heating of the material to make the indention of the ink more durable. And this ends up improving the hardness of the substrate. Therefore, the corrugated cartons that come out of the printing are of better quality than the initial quality. This means more durable cartons and the impact on the packaging will be huge.

In conclusion, there are plenty of features of indented printed corrugated carton pre-print that stand out. Like most the engraved printing technique, you will like that they offer one of the best productivity. It would be the most ideal for mass printing of the corrugated cartons. The overall cost of printing reduces due to high efficiency. It is also one of the easy to automate printing processes.

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