Gravure Printing Cylinder Engraving

Engraving Equipment for Gravure Printing

gravure cylinder engraving
Gravure printing is one of the widely used printing methods for the printing of sheets of paper and other sub rates that comes in soft sheets. The method usually uses inks for the creation of the required print, which could be graphics or text. Unlike some of the printing methods, such as laser engraving, gravure printing works great for repeat printing. This is where mass production single certain set of text or graphics is needed. 

A good example of where gravure printing is used is in newspaper printing. Every page of the newspaper is produced in hundreds of copies. Similarly, if you want to produce packaging for a certain brand, then gravure printing would be the best option for you. All you need is to set the text or graphic to be printed then embark on mass production.

Gravure printing uses the gravure planting machine. The machine utilizes the use of cylinders for the printing process. The machine chains the gravure printing cylinder and the impression cylinder. The image of the text to be printed is contained in the depression or the recesses on the surface of the printing plate. That’s why it is called intaglio printing because the image is incised into the gravure printing cylinder.

The making of the gravure printing plate is the most delicate and important stage. For the longest time, people have been using hands or chemicals to make these plates. But technology has made it easy by introducing engraving technology. The technology enables the machine users to make even the most complicated printing plates automatically.

At Laser Engraving Machines, we have two main engraving machines that we are providing gravure printers for plat making. They are electronic engraving machines and laser engraving machines. These are the two main types of machines that will help you engrave your gravure printing cylinder. What you need is just the digital graphics on your computer, and the engraving machine produce perfect gravure printing plates for intaglio printing.

Our electronic engraving machines have an electronically-controlled diamond-stylus that engraves the copper surface of the gravure printing surface to make cells that eventually make the required graphic. The plate materials could also be rubber or photopolymer. The depth and the size of the cells that engrave by the stylus determine the ink volume that will be transferred to the substrate. So depending on the quality of the image that you are planning to print, you can set the cell size and depth.

Engraving Equipment for Gravure Printing
Engraving Equipment for Gravure Printing
On the other hand, our laser engraving machines also another option that you can select for gravure printing cylinder engraving. The cylinder coating could be done through the electroplating process, where a sink layer is applied on top of the copper coating. However, you can go for other materials such as rubber or photopolymer for gravure print plate making. Once you have the digital graphic in the computer, the laser beam will create the image on the printing material without touching the cylinder. The depth and the size of the cells created by the laser beam determine the amount of ink transferred to the substrate.

We understand that printing firms vary in size, and that’s why we produce a range of engraving machines. However, the type of machine depends on the size plates needed. For plant printing large labels, you need to invest in larger engraving machines. Similarly, there are small engraving machines that can work on lighter tasks. At Laser Engraving Manufacturers, we have all these machines for you.

There are many benefits that you get from incorporating engraving technology in gravure printing. First, you will make the process of making printing plates easy due to automation. What you need is to have the design on the computer software and the engraving machine will do the rest. Also, you will take very little time to make these plates. With the digital design ready, it will take you a few seconds or a minute, to make the plates depending on their complexity.

Another benefit of engraved gravure printing cylinder is high-quality printing. Due to the high precision level of our electronic engraving machines and the laser engraving machines, the quality gravure printing plates’ is a guarantee.

At Laser Engraving Manufacturers, we understand the importance of incorporating electronic engraving machines or laser engraving machines to make gravure printing plates. That’s why we are manufacturing the best quality engraving machines for your customers. All our engraving machines are available at an affordable cost.