Flexo Printing Plate Making

Flexo Plate Making and Flexo Printing

Flexographic printing, often abbreviated as flexo printing, has grown to be one of the most popular in the label printing industry. The printing method provides a combination of quality, productivity, and flexibility. If you know the letterpress printing method, you will notice that flexo printing is more of its advanced version because of the same rapid speed rotary functionality.

Flexo printing has been improving over the years. There have been numerous innovations along the way that have made one of the most reliable high-quality labels printing methods. For instance, the technology has moved from the use of rubber printing plates to the more efficient photopolymer printing plates. The increased use of automation features because of the incorporation of software are some of the ways that this technology has advanced.

A complete flexo printing station included the fountain roller, which collects ink in the try and transfers it to the anilox roller. Anilox roller has a doctor blade (optional) that scrapes it for excess ink. Then there is the plate cylinder, where you mount the flexo plates. Lastly is the impression cylinder that presses the substrate against the plates to print the images. 

Flexo Printing Plate Making and Engraving Technology

The most important stage for flexo printing is the making of the plates. It is the most delicate stage and requires a lot of expertise. But technology has advanced, and you no longer need to cut the plates manually. Engraving technology is making the process of flexo plates, making easy and more accurate than traditional methods.

At Laser Engraving Manufacturers, we some of the best engraving technologies for the making of the flexo printing processes. We have the electronic engraving machines and the laser engraving machines for the making of the plates. Our electronic engraving machines have an electronically-controlled diamond-stylus that cut the cells needed for making the desired graphic or text on a plate cylinder for relief printing. What you need is the original copy in the computer software to have it engraved on the machine.

Our laser engraving machines will also help you enhance the process of making flexo plates. Whether you are using rubber or photopolymer for printing plates, the laser engraving machine will cut it the required cells to make the desired graphic or text to be printed. You just need the graphic or text on the computer software. The laser beam will engrave it on the plate cylinder for relief printing.

There are various kinds of laser an electronic and laser engraving machines. However, the type depends on the size plates that you need. If you have a large plant that’s printing large labels, then you might need to invest in larger engraving machines that can handle such tasks. Similarly, there are small engraving machines that work on lighter tasks. No matter the kind of laser or electronic machine that you’re looking for, Laser Engraving Manufacturers a machine for you.

Engraving Equipment for Flexo Printing
Engraving Equipment for Flexo Printing
Engraving Equipment for Flexo Printing
We understand the importance of having a reliable engraving machine for relied printing. That’s why we are committed to proving out flexo printing customers with machines that offer incredible versatility. Depending on the depth of the engraving that you are planning to do, our machines offer you a vast versatility. You can need to adjust the stylus’s power or the laser beam to get depth right plates for printing.

Advantages of Engraving Technology in Flexo Printing Plate Making

There are many benefits that you get from incorporating engraving technology in flexo printing. First, you will simplify the process of making plates since everything is automated. What you need is to have the design on the computer software and the engraving machine will do the rest. Also, you will take very little time to make these plates. With the design on the computer, it will take you a few seconds or a minute, to make the plates.

Another benefit of engraved flexo plates is the high-quality printing. Due to the high precision level of our electronic engraving machines and the laser engraving machines, you are guaranteed to get the best quality flexo plates.

At Laser Engraving Manufacturers, we understand the importance of incorporating electronic engraving machines or laser engraving machines in the flexo printing plates. That’s why we are producing some of the best quality engraving machines for your customers. We also offer a vast range of laser and electronic engraving machines at an affordable cost.