Basic: Indented Printing For Those Areas To Do Supporting Services?

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Basic: Indented Printing For Those Areas To Do Supporting Services?

Indented printing or indented printing has been used in the printing industry for many years now. Also known to many as indenting printing, the technique is used to print products where personalized features are needed. You can find most of the indent printing in bank cards, but the printing method is used in many other areas.

But there are several areas when indented printing is widely used and in large volumes. That’s what we are going to look out for in this guide. We are going to look at four of the main places where indented printing is being used:

1. Publishing

Yes, publishing is one of the biggest printing niches that indented printing is being used. If you look at most publishing works, especially the books, you will notice a wide of printing works. The kind of printing that has been done on most of the hardcovers of most published work is indented.

The publishing area is a bit different from most of the printing industries. It requires fast plate making because this is a printing method that uses a larger publishing drum. Therefore, the amount of printing is huge. That is why fast plate making is needed to keep up this speed. The printing machine usually uses a multi-channel of up to 16 channels.

For the use of indented printing in publishing, engraving technology is needed to carve the plate roller. The application of this kind of printing in this field is huge. You can find it in most of the publishing works apart from books.

2. Packaging Printing

The packaging industry has grown tremendously over the last three decades. Many factors could have contributed to this growth. One of them is the increasing consumer base hence the need for more packaging. Improved market hygiene is another reason for expanding the packaging industry. The ever-increasing competition among companies in appearance has also increased the need for improved packaging.

Unlike in publishing, the drum surface for packaging printing speed is quite small. However, because of the kind of products being published, a high plate making quality is required. A good example is the printing of cigarette products. For quality standards, there are steps you need to follow in making printing plates for packaging printing.

Here are the five mains ways of making a perfect printing plate for packaging:

1. Set the concave printing mode

2. Make use of the offset color split for perfect for helping in the electrical carving process

3. Use the photoresist laser plate-making plate

4. Apply black primer laser plate

5. Electroplating alloy on the roller plate

The use of indented printing in packaging is vast, especially where packaging requires personalized printing.

5. Textile Industry

Textile is another sector that indented printing that is widely being used. The textile industry is all about the clothes and everything that touches textile. But technology is widely used in cloth transfer printing. It is mostly used for spotting color reproduction. There can be as many color reductions as 6 colors.

In this sector, the indented printing plate making does not require too much accuracy. That’s because the printing of the clothes does not mainly major on the accuracy but the appearance. However, this does not make a poor quality plate. But the ink requirement is a bit large, and you must get the value to produce the expected quality.

For textile indent printing, you need to use about 54 to 60lpc of mesh wire. But most of the other factors can remain the same and still produce good print work.

4. Decorative Materials

The use of indented printing in the decorative sector comes in many ways. But the main area where this form of printing is used in the architectural decorative materials. There are so many areas that the printing method is used in this decorative work. A good example of this printing application is flooring materials.

But one area that most people have seen indented printing in decorative materials is wallpapers. In all these types of decorative materials, the unit patterns are usually large, and the color accuracy reproduction is very high.

In conclusion, these are the four major areas that indented printing is widely used. But there many other areas where the printing method is used but rather in smaller scales.

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