Application of Tobacco Packaging Printing and Intaglio Printing

Tobacco Packaging Printing

Application of Tobacco Packaging Printing and Intaglio Printing

The cigarette market continues to expand at a swift pace. This can be attributed to the increasing world population, hence more smokers. But with the increased demand for the product comes the competition in the market. Whereas the quality of cigarettes has improved tremendously, the same thing is happening to tobacco packaging quality. There are many aspects that have been improved, and one of them is printing.

From the logos to the writings on the packaging pack, manufacturers have made the biggest frontier in competition. You will notice that cigarette producers are changing their printing to more attractive options. That’s because customers are likely to go for products that attract their attention. So, tobacco printing is today one of the biggest marketing strategies.

There are many options for tobacco printing, but intaglio printing has been the most widely used. Intaglio printing has been used for centuries because of its incredible results. The printing method is known for its colorful printing that lasts for a very long time. That’s why it remains one of the widely printing methods for tobacco packaging. It’s also important to note that intaglio printing has advanced with technology.

Unlike the traditional process that considerably manual, modern intaglio is a more automated process. Intaglio engraving is one of the latest technologies. The technology uses electronic engraving machines to etch the image to be printed on the gravure cylinder. Note that a laser engraving machine can also be used to create the image engraved images on the printing cylinder. Check out Laser Engraving Manufacturers for all types of engraving printing machines.

With the engraving of images to be printed, the printer can opt for several printing methods. But the most common are gravure and flexography technologies. These are types of printing that produce fine images. Flexo printing is mostly used for small-volume printing. But gravure printing is suitable for mass printing, which is the case with tobacco printing. You might need to make thousands of a single image.

In addition to machines, several factors are considered for quality tobacco packaging printing. The first thing is the quality of the material for the packaging. This is a crucial factor to consider since low-quality materials usually result in poor quality printing. Though most cigar packaging material is paper, it is the quality of packaging material that keeps the paint intact for long without peeling off.

The second factor is the quality of the printing ink. This is one of the factors that most people forget to check. Some inks will just fade away immediately after printing. So, ink’s choice will be a great factor when looking for a printer or when printing. Otherwise, you might end up investing in poor quality printing and negatively impact your business.

The good news is that there are many approved tobacco printing inks. These are inks that comply with all the statutory requirements. Remember that some of the links are put on the cigar itself and burnt when smoking. So, the safety of the smoker is an essential factor to consider. That’s why certification of tobacco printing ink is an important factor to consider. The ink must be certified healthy for the tobacco user.

There are various types of inks widely used in tobacco printing, including water or solvent-based inks. There are also UV printing inks and vanishing solutions. Colour and metallic printing inks are also widely used by tobacco printers. All these are types of safe ink for tobacco packaging printing.

Tobacco printing entails a vast range of items or tobacco products. Most people think about the cigarette boxes that carry the company’s logo. But other tobacco items are also printed. They include display packages, tipping paper, transparent films, and cigarette papers. So, it’s a whole package.

Most tobacco companies do not have an in-house printing division but opt to outsource firms specializing in printing. To ensure quality, make sure that the printer has met all the mentioned factors. What kind of engraving technology are they using? Do they have the quality of material and ink you are looking for? These are crucial questions you should get answers to. If you have an in-house printing division, we have superb quality engraving machines to improve your printing.

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